2023  Parade of Homes – Mont Cafe au Lait

Offered at $2,950,000

About Kim & Tim

Empowering Dreams, Building Futures:

The Kim and Tim Team is dedicated to creating exceptional real estate experiences through a foundation of integrity, expertise, and personalized service. We are committed to guiding our clients on their journey to finding their ideal properties, whether it’s a first home, an investment opportunity, or a dream luxury estate. With a focus on transparency and communication, we strive to exceed expectations and build lasting relationships.

Together, we shape spaces and cultivate communities, turning houses into cherished homes and investments into prosperous futures.

Tim Statement

With the outbreak of Covid 19 throughout the world at the tail end of winter in 2020, I watched my 35-year long career as a commercial photographer come to an end. Some of my clients included AT&T, Reebok, McDonalds, Marvel, Disney, Lutron and Forbes Magazine. I was traveling extensively, almost never doing productions in my home state. I got to see and experience so much of our world and get paid while doing it. So blessed!

With the travel ban I found myself existing through what was basically, a forced hiatus. It was ok at first, but eventually as more and more of the art directors I had made relationships with over the years were laid off and fired during the pandemic the photo landscape had changed dramatically right under my feet and I was getting antsy. Truth be told, I had been contemplating some form of retirement for a few years at that point. Maybe a change of direction, a new challenge, a different mountain to climb was needed.

My wife had gotten into real estate several years earlier and was crushing it. It was fun watching her stretch and grow while helping others find great places to live or sell their homes and move on to their own new adventures. She experienced a lot of joy and satisfaction with helping people get through the oftentimes challenging process of buying and selling a home. She started asking for me to get my license at the beginning of the quarantine to help out as the real estate market seemed to be growing exponentially by the minute, but I was having none of it. However, she persisted. Eventually her patience won out and I became a real estate agent, and we formed the Kim and Tim Team.

My life has changed direction numerous times during my life. Sometimes with deliberate perseverance and great effort on my part and at other times, seemingly little expended energy, almost organically. Real estate was the latter for me. It seemed like a good fit. I am obsessed with great architecture and design. My expectation as a kid going through the school system was that I would be an architect. Photography sidetracked me after college. My wife and I worked together at a synthetic diamond drilling company as newlyweds and we’ve come full circle now, working together in real estate for the last couple of years. The coming decades should be a blast. I’m always a sucker for a new adventure.